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Simon Lichtenberg - Trayton Group

Headquartered in Shanghai, Simon Lichtenberg (zoominfo)'s company also maintains other factories operating in Zhejiang Jishan. Establishing their own company, into which they can put all of their determination, passion and effort, is one of the most significant successes of business-minded people. Many big things have been carried out by Trayton Group - a company owned by him. Just a couple of examples include the establishment of the Trayton Foundation, which made possible the fitting of rooftop solar power panels and lighting the city of Shanghai in 2012. Simon Lichtenberg's business employs 2,000 workers and expects to have a revenue of $150,000,000 yearly.

The Amazing Qualities of simon lichtenberg

Simon Lichtenberg has the ability to interact in seven distinct languages and has resided in eight diverse countries to date. The talent of speaking numerous languages puts a business person at a serious advantage. The Magnolia Silver Award is on the list of great honours he has received during his lifetime; this was in acknowledgement of his extensive contributions to bettering quality of life in Shanghai, China. Harvard Business School, CEIBS and Tsinghua: these are three renowned schools which Simon Lichtenberg has attended.

Simon Lichtenberg’s Success in China

Popular furniture was sold in Shanghai, China, by Simon Lichtenberg through his franchise, BoConcept, in 1993. Many businessmen enjoy establishing a company in China as the country appears to promise success in any endeavour. Anything is achievable, and no dream is beyond our reach. All that's demanded is a strong passion and determination.

The Remarkable Successes of Simon Lichtenberg

Knowing multiple languages gives Simon Lichtenberg a huge advantage in his line of work. By '93, Simon had set up his own business which, in time, began trading furniture. For the vast majority of businessmen, their most productive and prosperous years cannot be forgotten as time goes by. Simon Lichtenberg acquired his Chinese Language diploma at Fudan University in China in 1988.